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The #1 Mason Jar Life Hack of 2024

This is not your grandma's mason jar sealer! Upgrade your food storage game with Mason Genie!

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100% airtight

Works with all lids!
Easy resealing
Person sealing food in glass jars with a handheld vacuum sealer on a kitchen counter.

#1 Rated Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer

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A person's hand operating a black electric mason jar sealer on a filled jar.

The other vacuum sealers on the market just weren't cutting it. So we built one that would.

100% airtight seals 

every single time

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Seals in 40 seconds

with a press of a button

Compatible with all 

regular or wide mouth lids

Convenient & Portable 

take it on the go!

Mason Genie™ Vacuum Sealer Kit

Open. Serve. Reseal.. Instantly make your food last 3-5x longer with the Mason Genie’s powerful vacuum seal.

Kit includes:

A large number '1' centered on a solid yellow background.

Mason Genie Vacuum Sealer


Black number 2 on a yellow background.

Lid Adaptor


A number 3 centered on a solid yellow circle.

USB charger

Yellow circle with the number 4 in black font.

5 x Regular Mouth Lids


Yellow circle with the number 5 in the center.

5 x Wide Mouth Lids


A large number '1' centered on a solid yellow background.

Mason Jar Lid Opener



($99.99 value)



Seal with '30 DAY' text, resembling a warranty or guarantee mark.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Kitchen gadget with jars, lids, USB cable, and opener tool, numbered for identification.
Hand reaching towards a jar filled with coffee beans.

Airtight seals. Without the hassle.

Mason Genie does what other sealers can’t. A perfect seal with just the press of a button.

100% automatic


Easy resealing

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Here's how customers are using the Mason Genie.. and loving it!

With easy, airtight seals.. The opportunities are endless!

1. For storing all their dry goods in the pantry and keeping pantry pests out!

Rows of labeled glass jars filled with various dry goods on wooden shelves.

I buy dry goods bulk and seal with this to keep them fresh forever! 

We bulk buy a lot of different flours, beans, granolas, sugars, grains and herbs. Needed a way to store them for long periods of time and this
 - Margo F.

2. To keep their fruits, veggies and salads fresher for longer in the fridge! 

Three mason jars filled with layered taco salad ingredients.

Great for salad jars!

I love salad jars, but I had an old suction sealer that as pain to use. So I gave up and just cut lettuce every couple days. Well, this little gadget has brought salad jars back in to my life!
- Sofia X.

3. To easily reseal everything from canned goods to leftovers - with just a press of a button! 

A kitchen countertop with labeled jars containing baking ingredients and a stand mixer.

Kept my strawberries fresh as the day I bought them home! 

Usually, they start to lose their color and become dull within couple of days. This kept them gleaming fresh until they were all eaten!
- Ariel P

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